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 Confined Space Blowers

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Confined Space 
is an area large enough for an employee to enter and perform work. The area has limited or restricted means of entry or exit and is not designed for continuous human occupancy. There are several types of confined spaces. Storage or rail car tanks, manholes, tunnels, silos, grain elevators and bottom access enclosures. It is the recommendation of OSHA that the air inside a confined space be exchanged for fresh air.

Axial Confined Space Blowers
are the most popular because they are light weight and offer an integrated canister design that houses the ducting making it very convenient. The air flow for these types of blowers goes over the motor and is generated by a blade fan.

Centrifugal Confined Space Blowers
incorporate a squirrel cage fan and requires ducting to be attached and stored seperately. The air flow of a centrifugal blower does not go over the motor. These are more expensive, durable and have higher static pressure and normally provide higher CFM.