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Creating a safe and comfortable environment for gym members through the use of proper air circulation equipment is important for fitness facilities and gym owners. This is especially true with mitigating the spread of Covid 19 and other dangerous air-borne diseases. By creating a flow of air in the gym, virus particles are forced in the direction of air flow and become less concentrated. Various studies have shown that an air velocity of 40-80 fpm (feet per minute) is ideal for a gym. It is always ideal to follow industry standards.

Air velocity created by recirculation and destratification fans can be used to effectively distribute air conditioning and create an evaporative cooling effect for your gym members. As the air speed goes up, evaporative cooling takes effect, making the athlete cooler as the sweat and moisture on their skin evaporates. Studies show that wind speed alone can cause a "3 to 4 degree" temperature drop. This can have a positive impact on how often you have to run your expensive air conditioning equipment especially during the months with milder temperature.

Air circulation fans and commercial ceiling fans are an economic way to generate pleasant air velocity in specific areas where needed most and where your HVAC system may have difficulty reaching. Typically for just pennies a day, you can help streamline your HVAC system and create a healthier environment for your Gym members creating lower energy costs and at the same time increase customer satisfaction.

Ceiling Fans
Can be used to create air velocity with a large square footage coverage. Industrial Ceiling Fans and Commercial Ceiling Fans can be found in the more economical 3 bladed paddle fans that can be used for spot cooling and heat destratification. Or, you can find them in the High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) models such as our Altra Air Product Line. Ceiling fans typically generate a concentric circle air pattern directly below the fan location and have the ability to change speed and direction of flow when needed. With ceiling fans you can create an expansive cooling zone through evaporative cooling by strategically locating them over cardio equipment and easily control them through wall mount speed controllers, automated HVAC systems or timers.

 Air Circulator Fans
Can be used for gentle directional air movement mounted on the wall, ceiling, pedestal or floor. Many air circulators can be installed without an electrician through the use of a cord and plug and pull chain control for speed control. Air circulators can be used to create an air pattern horizontal to the floor or at an angle and can often be easily moved and installed from one location to another. Air circulators, basket fans, pedestal fans and drum blowers often come in a variety of sizes and options but beware of cheaper models with sleeve bearings and plastic parts that are made to last in commercial settings.

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