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Safe-Air Dowco

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Safe-Air Dowco | Roof & Wall | Equipment Screens


Safe-Air Dowco brand Products  

We have manufactured quality louvers and dampers since 1955 for commercial and industrial type of construction involving the architectural and mechanical markets. Louvers are fabricated from extruded aluminum and formed galvanized or stainless steel. Blade designs are available in straight, hooked, drainable, dual-drainable, and rain-resistant configuration. Units are tested in accordance with AMCA standards for air performance, water penetration and wind-driven rain, and many models are AMCA Certified per the same.  
Safe-Air Dowco Dampers and associated accessories are engineered and fabricated to exacting standards. Safe-Air Dowco can accommodate even the most stringent requirements, having delivered safety-related dampers for nuclear power plants and special dampers for the Department of Defense. We welcome your special needs. 

A History of Engineering Design Innovation

Since 1955, Safe-Air Dowco has accepted the challenge of providing commercial and industrial products to a wide array of customers. We have engineered dampers and louvers for demanding applications in electric power utilities, paper and pulp mills, cement, steel and even in the remote places in the world where the weather condition is extremely stringent. Experience gained through such varied applications has created the engineering and sales expertise necessary to tackle even the most difficult problems. We have accumulated over 50 years of experience in responding to the needs or our customers and specification writers.

Safe-Air Dowco is a CAN-DO Company. We begin by listening, and then encourage positive results from every individual within our organization. Customer satisfaction comes first. We reaffirm this golden tradition in every aspect of our business dealings. Architects, engineers, and contractors rely on our capabilities and expertise. They trust our proven track record of meeting every desired specification, lead-time and budget need. Safe-Air Dowco has the engineering and design expertise to build even the most challenging of custom products.

Safe-Air Dowco is one of those very few companies in the Damper and Louver industry that has maintained a "friendly oriented" rapport with its customers for over 50 years of steady growth and excellent customer service. We still hold to the age-old philosophy that "What a customer wants, the customer gets!" Our company is customer-oriented and is dedicated to satisfying each and every one of you. Safe-Air Dowco is people-driven with personnel among the leaders in the Damper and Louver business. Our experience over the years is second to none with an enviable success record that speaks for itself


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