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Wall mount exhaust fans are one of the most popular methods used to remove unwanted heat, fumes and humidity from an area. Exhaust fans, when used in conjunction with intake louvers, can also be used to draw fresh air in to a buiding and create air circulation. Exhaust fans create a safer and more productive workplace environment by removing hot stale air and bringing cool fresh air into the area.

The type and size of an exhaust fan required is determined by looking at several factors unique to your application. The most important are the volume of the space, how the space is being used and environmental factors such as humidity and fume levels.

A good starting point for selecting your exhaust fan is by calculating your CFM requirements based on complete changes of air in a structure or room in a given time period. Once you have calculated the volume of air in your space (length X width X average ceiling height) measured in cubic feet, you can determine the appropriate air exchange rate by referencing the chart above. In the most severe conditions select the lower number (in the series shown) to change the air more frequently. For moderate conditions, select the mid range. For less severe conditions in cool climates, the higher number will provide adequate ventilation.

We carry only the most quality constructed and effective exhaust fans available on the market today

Roof and Sidewall Mounted exhaust fans permits location of the fan near the area to be ventilated allowing short duct runs and more efficient operation.

Shutter mounted exhaust fans are mounted on a frame with gravity dampers design to close when the fan shuts off. This keeps the outside elements from entering your space.

Supply fans are essentially an exhaust fan rotated 180º in the wall and typically mounted in a cabinet with a powered damper. The supply fan is used to draw fresh air into a space and can be used as an agressive substitute to intake dampers and louvres.

Guard mounted and panel mounted exhaust fans are often used to remove air from one room and discharging it in another such as an attic. This style of fan offers no protection from outside elements since there are no gravity dampers.