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Roof Mount Exhaust Fans
These roof mounted exhaust fans are designed for heavy duty commercial/industrial use and fabricated by the industries top manufacturers. Sizes 6" thru 60", we have an exhaust fan for virtually any type of performance requirement and application ranging from clean air to restaurant exhaust. Direct drive, belt drive, up blast, down blast, centrifugal, propeller, hooded fans and supply fans.

Centrifugal Roof Exhaust Fans are curb mounted roof fans available in both variable speed direct driven models and single speed belt driven models. Some belt driven centrifugal roof exhaust fans can be used in conjunction with VFD's or Variable Frequency Drives (Please consult customer service). Centrifugal roof exhaust fans are designed for general ventilation applications near or far from the area to be ventilated, allowing short or long duct runs and more efficient operation. These type of centrifugal roof exhaust fans are ideal for restaurant hood ventilation because of grease filters and grease runs and because the motor is generally taken out of the air stream. Because centrifugal roof exhaust fans perform well in low to high static pressures, the typically have a wider range of performance options. The centrifugal roof exhaust fan performance characteristic curves are generally stable over a wide range of static pressures.
   Generally, centrifugal exhaust fans can be mounted on the roof as well as the wall (with the help of wall mounting brackets) but some restrictions may apply.
With today's technology, we even offer modulating centrifugal roof exhaust fans (Please consult customer service) that modulate the speed based on changing static pressure applications such as high rise building with complex ducting and changing performance requirements.

Down Blast Roof Exhaust Fans are curb mounted exhaust fans available in both variable speed direct driven models and single speed belt driven models. Down blast roof exhaust fans generally exhaust the air out of the building and then push the exhausted air back down towards the roof. Down blast roof exhaust fans are better suited for relatively clean air streams. Down blast roof exhaust fans are suitable for commercial and institutional buildings like hospitals, retails stores or warehouses. Down blast roof exhaust fans are generally a low cost efficient means for exhausting bathrooms and other ducted applications while maximizing protection from harsh weather conditions. The fan wheels in down blast roof exhaust fans typically feature a curved blade design for more CFM per HP and lower sound levels.

Gravity Roof Ventilation Exhaust Fans are used to exhaust (relief) or supply (intake) air from or to an enclosed area without the need for a power operated fan.

Grease Extraction Roof Exhaust Fans are described under UL 762 standards. UL 762 standards cover roof or wall-mounted ventilators for restaurant exhaust appliances. Power ventilators for restaurant exhaust appliances covered by these requirements are intended for installation in accordance with the Standard of the National Fire Protection Association for the Installation of Equipment for the Removal of Smoke and Grease-Laden Vapors from Commercial Cooking Equipment, NFPA 96. A general rule when picking a replacement restaurant rated grease extraction roof fan is 100 CFM is required for every square foot of your cooking hood. For example, a commercial kitchen with a 3' wide x 8' long hood = 24 Sq.Ft. x 100 CFM = 2,400 CFM. When picking a replacement restaurant rated up blast roof exhaust fan, we suggest looking at the 1/2" static pressure column of the performance table. This is because of the higher static pressure that these fans generally operate. Grease filters, ducting, reducers, elbows all add to the static pressure that a roof exhaust fans must overcome. Please remember, in restaurant applications, wiring system shall not be located in the path of travel of exhaust products.

Propeller Roof Exhaust Fans  are designed to exhaust large volumes of air from a variety of commercial and industrial operations such as manufacturing and assembly plants, warehouses, garages, laundries and similar buildings. Propeller type or axial roof exhaust fans are often used for heat or smoke extraction in medium to large facilities. Propeller roof exhaust fans generally utilize butterfly type dampers but some are down blast hooded type for added protection and to prevent light from entering the facility when in operation. We offer direct drive propeller roof exhaust fans and belt drive roof exhaust fans with performance up to 78,900 CFM. We offer one of the largest selections of propeller type roof exhaust fans for a wide variety of applications including our high temperature model with heat displacement collars to protect the bearings to models with special corrosive fighting coatings.

Up Blast Roof Exhaust Fans are designed for heavy duty commercial/industrial applications such as paint booth exhaust, chemical fume exhaust, dust particles, grease laden air, air circulation etc., involving higher static pressures and CFM requirements. Up Blast exhaust fans are better suited to handle contaminated air than down blast fans.

When Replacing an Existing Roof Exhaust Fan it is important to verify some information before starting your selection. Most commercial use roof exhaust fans and industrial roof exhaust fans are mounted to an existing roof curb. It is important to know the outside dimensions of the curb. When selecting a replacement industrial roof exhaust fan, you will want to make sure the base dimension of the replacement roof exhaust fan will fit your existing roof curb. It typically doesn't hurt if the replacement fan's base dimension is several inches larger than your existing curb, but you don't want it the same size or smaller. Also, verify the voltage of your existing roof exhaust fan and the amp rating of the circuit breaker. Unless you plan on re-wiring, you will want, to make sure your new industrial roof exhaust fan has the same voltage and the amp drawing is within the limitations of your circuit breaker. Another thing to verify is the CFM or Cubic Foot per Minute rating and Static Pressure rating of your existing fan. If you don't want your industrial roof exhaust fan to under perform, you will either want an exhaust fan with the same CFM rating as your existing fan or greater.

Need help selecting a product or don't see what your looking for, Please Give our Customer Service Department a Call @ 317-531-1638317-531-1638. We have more products available than what is shown on this page. 

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